İn particular, the great attention to food safety control is supported through the inspections by our laboratory. Our R & D and quality control departments continue the controls and inspections required in accordance with our quality standards at every stage of our production with great care. Records and traceability of those inspections enlightens also our R & D and innovation efforts.

We have crowned our activities and attention in terms of quality through the BRC-IOP, ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 22000-2005 certificates that were awarded to us after the inspections required by various total quality systems.

PROTECTS Your Brand ! ...


 “Every living thing has purpose for coming into the world and acts with the instinctto protect the properties to accomplish this goal.” Whole balance of nature is based on this rule. First of all, the “existence” should be protected; because all other values to come out or will occur thereafter do not have any meanings without “existence”.


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